Diagnostic Driving
Improving global driving safety

For licensing programs



Efficient driver's licensing workflows, safer new drivers & safer examiners

The only self-guided, virtual driving test proven to assess the ability to avoid collisions



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Safe, efficient & cost saving:

Frees up licensing staff from wasted time spent on failed on-road examinations by predicting which novice drivers will fail their road test

Reduces first-year crash rates of new drivers by predicting who will fail their road test and providing them actionable feedback to be safer, independent drivers

Keeps examiners safer by rapidly identifying new drivers who need more time to practice

Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service without requiring the need for expensive hardware and equipment

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Avatar-guided to provide novice driver applicants context of the Ready-Assess™ workflow with out the need of staff

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Virtual acclimation drive

Gets the novice driver applicant oriented with the controls and tests if they can follow basic instructions

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Virtual driving test

Tests the novice driver applicant's skills on NHTSA's most common and serious crash scenarios for novice drivers


Automated feedback report

Quickly reviews the applicant's results and provides them a personalized action plan to become safer and independent drivers