Diagnostic Driving
Improving global driving safety

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Safer & productive drivers, reduced liability


The only self-guided virtual driving test combined with personalized coaching to keep your drivers safer on the road

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Safe, efficient & cost saving:

Reduces your organization's costs due to motor vehicle crashes by rapidly identifying your drivers who need the most help and coaching them to be safer on the road

Self-guided, requires no staff time to operate and does not overburden your drivers with unnecessary learning modules or trainings that do not work

Delivered as a Software-as-a-Service subscription model and does not involve any expensive licensing fees

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To provide drivers context of the Assess-Coach-Improve™ workflow

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Virtual acclimation drive

Gets the driver oriented with the controls

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Virtual driving test

Based on NHTSA's most common and serious crash scenarios

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Behavior-based coaching

Self-paced and targets the driver's specific needs based on the results of their virtual driving test

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